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Flute, Clarinet,
Trumpet, Trombone,
Percussion Kit

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Alto Saxophone

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- Rates to Fit Your Budget
You may rent a gently used instrument for an even lower payment.

- Rental Fees Apply to Purchase
All ON-TIME payments are deducted from the balance.

- No Interest - EVER
Even after 9 or 18 months, the rate stays the same with no interest.

- No Payment Increases - EVER

- 30% Purchase Discount Any Time
Any time you wish to purchase, we deduct 30% from the remaining balance. You may also rent until the instrument is paid for.

- Cancel Your Contract at Any Time
If your account current, you can cancel your contract at any time by returning your instrument in good condition.

- Instrument Exchange
If the original instrument does not appeal to the student, you may switch to another instrument at no charge.

- Instrument Maintenance/Replacement
This allows for instrument protection during rental. Maintenance programs are available for continued protection after purchase.

- School Approved Instrument
We only rent quality name brand instruments to ensure success.

- School Support
We continually support your school's music program with weekly visits to the band director.